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Is There Uber in Corfu in 2024? Everything You Need to Know 

Wondering if you can use Uber in Corfu? This article has all the information you need. 

The short answer is yes, Uber is available in Corfu. However, it operates slightly differently than what you might be used to in your home country. 

In Corfu, Uber is a taxi service with licensed drivers. Non-professional drivers are not allowed to offer this service. This influences how Uber works on the island. Don’t worry, it’s still easy to use. 

This guide will also cover other ways to get around Corfu, including regular local taxis, public buses, and car and scooter rentals. Whether you choose to use Uber or another mode of transportation, you are sure to have a great time on the island. 

I’ve spent two weeks on Corfu and tried out different types of transport. They all have their time and place depending on where you’re going and how much you are willing to spend. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to use Uber in Corfu, as well as other transport options to make your next trip a breeze. 

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Is There Uber in Corfu?

Yes, the popular Uber ride-hailing service has been available in Corfu since April 2023. While Uber has been operating in Athens, the capital of Greece, for a few years, its expansion to other regions has been slow. Currently, aside from Corfu and Athens, Uber is only available in Santorini and Thessaloniki. 

It’s important to note that Uber in Corfu, as well as in other Greek locations, operates differently compared to other countries. Typically, the Uber model involves non-professional drivers offering rides in their private vehicles. However, due to Greek legislation and pushback from local taxi drivers, this service, called UberX, is not feasible in Greece. 

Instead, users in Corfu can hire a regular licensed taxi through the Uber app. This means that the familiar UberX service option is not available when using the app there. Essentially, Uber in Corfu functions primarily as a convenient taxi service, simplifying the process of getting a ride compared to traditional street hailing. 

Apart from metered taxis, users can also choose from other services such as Uber Comfort, which offers extra legroom, and Uber Van. However, features like Assist, Uber Pet, Exec, and Uber Eats, which are available in some other countries, are not offered in Corfu. 

You might wonder if there is much point in using Uber under these circumstances. Nevertheless, it provides an easy method to order a taxi without needing to hail one on the street or wait at a taxi rank. Another advantage is the ability to pay online, eliminating the need to handle cash. 

How to Use Uber in Corfu

Uber in Corfu operates similarly to how it does in other countries. 

If you haven’t already, download the Uber app and create an account. During the registration process, you’ll have the opportunity to add a payment method, such as a credit or debit card. 

I recommend setting up your Uber account before you leave for Corfu to ensure there are no issues with your mobile phone’s roaming. A working phone number is required to create an Uber account. 

Once in Corfu, you can request a ride immediately or schedule one for a later time. Simply confirm your pickup and drop-off locations, and then wait for a driver to be assigned. As with other countries, you will receive information about the car and the driver who will be picking you up. 

And that’s it – you’re ready to go! The payment is made via the app, removing the need to negotiate the fare. 

How Much Does an Uber Cost in Corfu

As Uber in Corfu operates as a taxi service, expect similar prices to local taxis. Surge pricing at rush hour when demand for rides is high may also apply, increasing the cost. 

It’s important to note that there is a minimum flat rate of €36 (US $38) when you take an Uber ride in Corfu. Even if your journey is short, you will end up paying this amount.  

Here are some approximate pricing examples to popular destinations around Corfu: 

  • Corfu Airport to Corfu Town – €36 (US $38) by car/€44 (US $47) by van 
  • Corfu Airport to Paleokastritsa – €44 (US $47) by car/€96 (US $103) by van 
  • Corfu Airport to Sidari – €36 (US $38) by car/€44 (US $47) by van 
  • Corfu Airport to Kassiopi – €60 (US $64) by car/€135 (US $145) by van 
  • Corfu Airport to Kavos – €74 (US $79) by car/€165 (US $177) by van 

Is Uber Safe in Corfu

Yes, taking an Uber or a regular taxi in Corfu is generally safe. Although some drivers may have a slightly aggressive driving style, road incidents involving taxis are not widespread. 

Keep in mind though that some taxi drivers may try to take you along a scenic route to increase the journey time and, therefore, the fare. However, this is relatively rare and not unique to Corfu taxis. 

As usual, if something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut. If someone seems dodgy, don’t get in the car with them. There will always be another taxi option.

Is Uber Reliable in Corfu

Uber in Corfu is generally reliable. However, you may sometimes have to wait for a ride for some time if there are no taxi drivers available in the immediate vicinity, which is not uncommon in more remote places.  

In some situations, like getting to and from the airport for example, it might be better to simply pre-book a private transfer. This will ensure that you can get to your desired destination on time.  

I normally use Welcome Pickups when I need a private transfer. They are easy to use and their pricing in transparent. You can arrange a ride with them before you arrive in Corfu. 

Alternatives to Uber in Corfu

Although Uber offers a convenient transportation option, it is easy enough to get around Corfu without it. Taxis are often readily available without an app.  

You can also opt for a private transfer option that can be arranged in advance. Alternatively, the local public bus network offers an affordable way to get around the Corfu without a car altogether. 

Those looking for complete independence when exploring the island should consider hiring a car, quad bike or a scooter. These are available at pretty much any town across Corfu. 

Local Taxis

When it comes to private transportation, local taxis remain the predominant mode of private transport in Corfu. Since the island is geared heavily towards tourists, there are numerous taxi companies available, making it easy and convenient to secure a ride when needed. 

You can either hail a taxi on the street or walk up to an official taxi rank. For instance, in Corfu Town, the main taxi rank is located in the heart of the historic city centre at Spianada Square. However, be mindful that during the peak months of July and August, it can get quite busy, leading to queues and potentially long waits. 

In smaller towns, official taxi stops are usually indicated by a sign. It’s worth noting that these signs can sometimes be easy to overlook, and taxi drivers might not always be present at these designated areas. 

To ensure that you can get to your destination on time, it’s best to just pre-book your ride by phone or online. Established taxi companies on the island include the Corfu Taxi and Transfer Services and Alfa Taxi.  

Private Transfers

Private transfers offer another transportation alternative for those who prefer to travel in comfort. As with taxis, there’s a broad selection of private transfer services to choose from in Corfu. 

Personally, I find that this option is especially great for those looking to pre-book a transfer from the airport to their final destination on the island upon arriving in Corfu. Once you’re there, you can arrange a ride through your hotel or at a tourist desk as well. 

In terms of prices, we paid €33 (US $36) for our transfer from the Corfu airport and €72 (US $76) for our journey from Corfu Town to Paleokastritsa. It’s not a cheap option, but you do pay for excellent service and convenience. 

Public Buses

KTEL Green Bus Terminal in Corfu Town
KTEL Green Bus Terminal in Corfu Town

The main public transportation option on Corfu is public buses. These buses are modern and comfortable, ensuring easy travel around the island. While they might not reach every point of interest, many tourists find the available routes sufficient for their needs. 

There are two public bus networks on Corfu. The first, known as the Blue Buses, operates within Corfu Town and its immediate surroundings. This network includes a service connecting the airport with the city centre. Priced at €2.30 (US $2.40) per ticket, it’s the most affordable way of traveling between these two points. 

The second network, called the Green Buses, links Corfu Town to other popular destinations on the island, such as Paleokastritsa, Sidari, Roda, Kassiopi, and more. Ticket prices for these routes generally range from €2 (US $2.15) to €4 (US $4.30), depending on your destination. 

You can catch a green bus to your desired destination at the main KTEL Green Bus Terminal (Leof. Eptanisou), located just a 15-minute walk from Corfu’s city centre. You can check the timetable on the official Green Bus website or get a paper copy at the bus terminal. 

However, a word of warning about Corfu buses. While the Green Buses make is easy to travel from Corfu Town to popular tourist towns, the latter often lack inter-connected routes.  

If you are exclusively relying on public transport during your trip, you may end up having to travel between places via Corfu Town. Alternatively, you can base yourself in Corfu Town and take day trips to different locations by public bus. 

Car Hire

one of the most popular ways to explore the island, as a car allows you to get to destinations where public transport doesn’t go.  

You can arrange your car rental in advance online or at your destination. There are numerous car hire companies across Corfu. Pretty much every tourist town will have at least one car rental office. Chances are, there will be more. 

Renting a small car costs about €60 (US $62) a day. Larger, more powerful vehicles will, of course, cost more. Car rental costs can add up quickly. However, if you are planning on going to different destinations and attractions, renting a car will still be significantly cheaper than getting taxis all the time. 

Scooters & Quad Bikes

Scooters and quad bikes are popular transportation options in Corfu, offering independence at a lower cost compared to car rentals. Rental offices for scooters and quad bikes are readily available in nearly every town on the island. 

The cost of renting a quad bike varies based on the model, with more powerful ones commanding higher prices. You can expect to pay between €30 (US $32) and €75 (US $80) per day. If you’re planning to rent for an extended period, you might be able to get a discount. Please note that an international driving permit is required to operate a quad bike. 

Scooters are an even more affordable option for getting around Corfu. Rental prices typically range from €20 (US $21) to €50 (US $53) per day, depending on the scooter model. A valid driving license is necessary for riding a 50cc scooter, while a motorcycle license is required for models above 125cc. 

I am personally not a huge fan of scooters as they can leave riders quite vulnerable on the road. Although road fatalities in Greece are significantly lower than in countries like Thailand, they still exceed the EU average. 

Should you choose to ride a scooter in Corfu, ensure that your insurance covers this type of transport. Also, always wear a helmet. It’s not only a legal requirement, with a fine of €350 (US $370) for non-compliance, but also a critical safety measure.  

Despite the law, enforcement can be lax in some parts of the island, and it’s common to see riders without helmets. There is no need to replicate this approach.


This option is more for leisure than practicality, as it’s not really a viable form of public transport. However, a boat is a fantastic way to experience Corfu’s stunning islands and secret beaches that are otherwise inaccessible. 

There are two ways to explore Corfu by boat. The first is to hire a boat for the day. You don’t need a licence for speed boats with up to 30hp, making this a popular option for many tourists due to its flexibility. 

You can hire a boat from many resort towns along Corfu’s coast, such as Paleokastritsa or Sidari. The cost varies slightly depending on the time of year. Generally, it costs between €90 (US $95) and €100 (US $105) to hire a boat for half a day, and between €170 (US $180) and €200 (US $210) for a full day. 

Alternatively, you can join a group or private boat tour. These can be booked in advance online or at tourist desks in your chosen destination. You’ll find these options in most tourist spots along the coast. 

The cost of tours varies depending on the size of the group, the duration of the tour, and the standard of the boat. Prices can range from €20.00 (US $21) per person for a few hours of sightseeing on an old-fashioned boat, to €100.00 (US $109.00) per person for a luxury catamaran experience. 

Here are some excellent boat tour options to consider for your next trip. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about Uber in Corfu, as well as other transport options on the island, it’s time to start planning your trip.

This guide to Corfu outlines some of the best experiences you can have on this stunning part of the world. Check out this article on Corfu prices to get an idea of the budget you will need to make your trip a reality.

For itinerary planning, take a look at this guide to how many days in Corfu you need for a fulfilling trip. These Corfu day trip ideas will help you flesh out your itinerary even further.

If you are dreaming of booking the perfect villa for your next trip, take a look at this guide to the best villas in Corfu with private pools for the ultimate Mediterranean experience.

If you’re wondering which parts of Corfu are a must-visit, I highly recommend adding Paleokastritsa, arguably one of the most scenic resort villages on the island, to your itinerary. Discover the most fun things to do and the best eateries to visit while there.  

FAQs: Is There Uber in Corfu?

How do you get around in Corfu?

The most common way to get around Corfu is by public bus. The Blue bus network operates in Corfu Town and the Green bus network connects different towns and villages with the city. Taxis, Ubers and private transfers are popular choices as well, but they are significantly more expensive. Car, scooter and quad bike rentals are also available and offer the most independence when exploring the island. 

Can you get an Uber at Corfu Airport? 

Yes, you can get an Uber at Corfu Airport. However, you may end up waiting a long time if a driver is not immediately available. if you would like to reduce the hassle of arranging a ride when you arrive on the island, you can book a private transfer before your trip.

Is it easy to get taxis in Corfu? 

I’ve found that it’s easy to get taxis in Corfu. You can either hail them in the street, wait for one at an official taxi rank or pre-book one by calling a taxi company. Uber offers another way of getting a taxi. 

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