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Is Corfu Expensive in 2024? The Ultimate Corfu Prices Guide  

Wondering if Corfu is expensive to visit? This pricing guide will help you budget for your next trip. 

Corfu, a popular tourist destination, is renowned for its rolling green hills, endless olive groves, and dramatic coastline, all encircled by the crystal-clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea. This picturesque Greek island offers an array of attractions, from stunning beaches and ancient historic sites to scenic hiking trails and excellent diving opportunities. 

Moreover, Corfu is a safe a relatively affordable destination by European standards, making it accessible to travellers with varying budgets. Enjoying this laid-back Greek island paradise doesn’t have to break the bank. 

During our two-week stay in Corfu, my husband and I experienced a range of accommodations, dining options, and activities. As UK residents, we found the prices to be more affordable compared to those back home, which allowed us to indulge in more experiences. 

This guide will delve into whether Corfu is an expensive destination by covering the costs of accommodation, dining, transport, and activities. It will also suggest a minimum budget for two people to fully enjoy the island. 

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Is Corfu Expensive to Visit in 2024: An Overview

One of the great things about Corfu as a travel destination is its versatility in catering to all types of budgets. Whether you’re seeking a simple retreat to enjoy the Med sun and sea or a luxurious getaway of a lifetime, Corfu can accommodate both extremes of the budget spectrum. 

It’s important to remember that our perception of pricing is subjective and largely depends on our expectations, country of origin, and the strength of our home currency. If we compare prices to those in Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia and Vietnam, which are typically lower, a Greek island like Corfu may seem expensive. 

For travellers from the US, the UK, or the EU, where the currencies are either the same or comparably strong, Corfu is likely to be quite affordable. However, it may feel more expensive to visitors from countries with lower purchasing power. 

Comparatively, Corfu is generally cheaper than Greek islands like Mykonos and Santorini. In my experience, it is only slightly more expensive than other popular destinations such as Rhodes or Crete.

Let’s delve into specific types of costs you’re likely to encounter on your next trip to Corfu. 

Accommodation Prices in Corfu

Corfu offers a good selection of different accommodation types catering to all tastes and budgets. From affordable guest houses to ultra-luxurious resorts and everything in between, there is something for everyone. 

You won’t find many international chains on the island, but there is a great variety of privately-run apartments, cottages, and villas. Small boutique hotels are also common in Corfu. 

Accommodation prices depend on location, rating, and season. Expect to pay more during the high season, which takes place in July and August, coinciding with European school holidays. 

Here are the average prices for different types of accommodation to give you an idea of the costs: 

  • Hostel – €22.00 (US $24.00) per night in a dormitory 
  • Budget self-catering accommodation (e.g., studio) – €40.00 – €50.00 (US $44.00 – $55.00) per night 
  • Budget hotel – €60.00 – €70.00 (US $66.00 – $76.00) per night 
  • Mid-range self-catering accommodation – €70.00 – €80.00 (US $76.00 – $87.00) per night 
  • Mid-range hotel – €80.00 – €100.00 (US $87.00 – $109.00) per night 
  • Luxury villa – €120.00 – €300.00 (US $130.00 – $328.00) 
  • Luxury hotel – €180.00 – €500.00 (US $196.00 – $546.00) 

Overall, I’d say that the bulk of accommodation options in Corfu are not overly expensive, making the island accessible to more people.

If you are interested in a villa stay, check out this guide to the best Corfu villas with private pools. The island has some great options for an unforgettable trip.

Corfu Prices vs. Other Greek Islands

Corfu represents great value for money compared to many other Greek islands. For example, the budget and mid-range hotels at the popular islands of Mykonos and Santorini can, on average, be 30%-50% more expensive than comparable properties in Corfu.  

Also, Mykonos, in particular, is known for its appeal to the well-heeled, and has an extensive luxury offering. The five-star hotels there can easily be double the price compared to the ones in Corfu.  

The accommodation on the islands of Rhodes and Crete has similar prices to Corfu. Crete is the most affordable of the three, while Rhodes is nearly on par with Corfu in different hotel categories. 

Is Corfu Expensive to Eat Out? Prices in Restaurants

Excellent views at Nikos Restaurant
A meal with a view at Nikos Restaurant in Paleokastritsa

Corfu is home to numerous independent cafes, family-run tavernas, and restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine. International chains such as Starbucks and Burger King have a very limited presence on the island.  

As you would expect, the price of eating out depends on the type of eatery you choose. You can keep costs down by opting for pastries from local bakeries or traditional gyros from budget cafes. A gyro typically costs about €6.00 (US $6.50) and is quite filling. 

Here are the typical meal price ranges for different types of dining experiences for two people on Corfu: 

  • Bakery snacks: €6.00 – €10.00 (US $6.50 – $11.00) 
  • Budget restaurant/cafe: €20.00 – €30.00 (US $22.00 – $33.00) 
  • Mid-range restaurant, two courses including house wine/local beer: €40.00 – €60.00 (US $44.00 – $65.50) 
  • High-end restaurant, three courses including wine/beer: €100.00 – €200.00 (US $109.00 – $218.00) 

Prices in Supermarkets in Corfu

The best way to keep food costs down while traveling in Corfu is to buy food from local shops and cook your own meals. 

There is an extensive selection of supermarkets and local delis in Corfu Town. Every resort town on Corfu also has at least a couple of supermarkets that stock pretty much everything you’ll need for meal preparation. 

Here are the prices of common foods you can purchase at your local grocery shop on Corfu: 

  • Water, 500 ml – €0.30 (US $0.33) 
  • Coke, 1.5 litres – €1.48 (US $1.62) 
  • Milk, 1 litre – €2.29 (US $2.50) 
  • Bread, sliced – €2.60 (US $2.84) 
  • Eggs, 6 – €1.60 (US $1.70) 
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml – €5.00 (US $5.46) 
  • Coffee, Nescafe Classic – €7.50 (US $8.19) 
  • Tea, 10 tea bags – €1.45 (US $1.58) 
  • Feta Cheese – €4.49 (US $4.90) 
  • Olives, 370 gr – €2.40 (US $2.60) 
  • Rice, 1kg – €5.50 (US $6.00) 
  • Penne Pasta, 400 gr – €3.15 (US $3.44) 
  • Chicken Fillet, 300 gr – €4.89 (US $5.34) 
  • Beef Meet, 500 gr – €8.00 (US $8.72) 
  • Bananas, bunch – €2.25 (US $2.46) 
  • Apples, red – €2.69 (US $2.94) per kilo  
  • Oranges – €1.42 (US $1.55) per kilo  
  • Tomatoes – €3.00 (US $3.28) per kilo  
  • Cucumber – €0.76 (US $0.83) 
  • Potatoes – €1.27 (US $1.39) per kilo 
  • Wine – from €5.89 (US $6.43) 
  • Beer, can – €1.20 (US $1.31) 

Transportation Costs in Corfu

The main transportation options in Corfu are the public bus network, taxi and private transfers, as well as car, scooter and quad bike hire.  


Green Buses - Corfu's intercity buses

There are two public bus networks on the island. The Blue Bus network operates in Corfu Town, the island’s capital, and its immediate surroundings, including the Corfu International Airport. The other network, the Green Buses, connects Corfu Town to many towns and villages across the island. 

Traveling by bus is the most affordable way to explore Corfu. The buses are modern and comfortable, making even slightly longer trips pleasant. Personally, I’ve found that while the bus networks might not cover every possible point of interest, they do offer many convenient routes that should meet the needs of most travellers. 

Covering all available routes in one blog is impossible, but here’s a selection of bus ticket prices for some of the most popular routes: 

  • Corfu International Airport to Corfu Town – €1.20 (US $1.30) 
  • Corfu Town Day Ticket – €5.00 (US $5.50) 
  • Corfu Town – Sidari – €3.40 (US $3.71) 
  • Corfu Town – Kassiopi – €3.60 (US $3.93) 
  • Corfu Town – Liapades – €2.00 (US $2.18) 
  • Corfu Town – Paleokastritsa €2.30 (US $2.51) 
  • Corfu Town – Kavos – €4.40 (US $4.80) 

As you can see, no matter how far you’re travelling within Corfu, you’re unlikely to have to pay more than €5.00 for a one-way ticket.  

For the most up-to-date information on routes and prices, visit the official Green Bus and the Corfu City Bus websites.  

Taxis and Private Transfers

Taxis and private transfers offer more comfort and convenience. In larger areas like Corfu Town, it’s relatively easy to hail a taxi on the street, or you can arrange one by phone or online through various taxi companies on the island. 

However, traveling by taxi is significantly more expensive compared to public transport. Corfu taxis are metered, with the final price depending on the length of your journey. The base fare is €3.60 (US $3.93), followed by €1.10 (US $1.20) for every subsequent kilometre. 

Uber is available in Corfu, but due to Greek legislation, only licensed taxis can provide services through the app. There is also a minimum flat rate of €36 (US $39.00) to consider. For short distances, using a regular taxi might end up being cheaper. 

If you are on a tight budget in Corfu, it’s best to minimise the use of taxis as the costs can add up quickly.  

Car Hire

Although the costs of hiring a car can add up, this transport option offers the most flexibility and freedom. I believe hiring a car is the best way to see as much of Corfu as possible if that’s your goal. 

The cost of hiring a car, unsurprisingly, depends on the model you choose. Expect to pay about €60.00 (US $65.50) per day for a small budget car. If you’re looking for a more luxurious model, prices can easily rise to €200.00 (US $218.00). 

You can arrange car hire online through various car rental companies or upon arrival at your destination. Nearly every tourist town in Corfu has at least one car rental agency. 

Scooter and Quad Bike Hire

Those looking for other ways to independently travel around Corfu also have the option of hiring a scooter or a quad bike. There are numerous businesses across the island that offer these services. 

The cost of hiring a scooter ranges from €20 (US $21) to €50 (US $53) per day, depending on the model. You will need a valid driving license to ride a 50cc scooter and a motorcycle license for more powerful models above 125cc. 

Additionally, wearing a helmet is a legal requirement. Not wearing one can result in a €350 (US $370) fine. I’ve seen a few tourists not wearing helmets during my last trip to Corfu, but it’s always best to adhere to safety regulations. 

Quad bike hire typically costs between €30 (US $32) and €75 (US $80) per day, also depending on the model. If you are renting one for an extended period, you might be able to secure a discount. An international driving permit is required to ride a quad bike. 

Activity and Tour Prices in Corfu

Ksenia visiting Mon Repos in Corfu Town
Ksenia at the Mon Repos Palace

Corfu offers a wealth of fun tours and activities that visitors can enjoy. From historic sites and museums to food tours and boat cruises, there’s a lot to keep you busy. 

Keep in mind that, just like in many other destinations, organised tours are geared and therefore priced for tourists. Including a few in your itinerary can add up quickly and make your Corfu trip more expensive.

Museums and Historic Attractions

Visiting local museums and historic attractions is one of the most affordable activities. Entry to popular sites such as the Old Fortress or the Archaeological Museum of Corfu in Corfu Old Town costs €6.00 (US $6.60) per person. 

If you are planning on visiting several museums and historic attractions in Corfu Town, consider purchasing a three-day multi-attraction ticket for €14.00 (US $15.30). It covers the Old Fortress, Mon Repos, Byzantine Museum, and the Museum of Asian Art. This ticket can be purchased at any of these attractions. 

Historic attractions are affordable beyond Corfu Town as well. The cost of entry to the iconic fortress of Angelokastro on the northwestern coast of Corfu is €3.00 (US $3.20).

Organised Group Tours

Organised tours vary in price depending on the duration, the activities they include, and the group size. 

For example, a traditional boat tour visiting local beaches and sea caves can cost about €20.00 (US $21) per person. The more luxurious versions featuring a speed boat and fewer people can cost €50.00 (US $53.00) per person. A full day cruise on a chic boat with food and drinks can go up to €100.00 (US $109.00). 

The same applies to group tours that visit various historic attractions on the island. While a walking tour of Corfu Town might cost about €20.00 (US $21) per person, day trips that cover more ground and include transportation could cost between €40.00 and €60.00 (US $44.00 and $66.00). 

Food experiences, such as olive oil farm visits, are slightly more expensive since they include food and drink tastings. Expect to pay between €60.00 and €80.00 (US $66.00 and $88.00) per person for these types of activities. 

Private Tours

Private tours tend to be more expensive, but they offer more flexibility and the opportunity to focus on what interests you the most. Expect to pay anything between €65.00 and €500.00 for a private tour. The more activities included in the tour, and the more luxurious your transportation is (e.g., a yacht), the pricier the experience will be. 

Tipping in Corfu

Tipping in Corfu, like in the rest of Greece, is not obligatory or expected. However, it’s a great gesture of appreciation that can go a long way. Be sure to use cash for tipping so the money goes directly to the intended person. 

Tipping is common at restaurants and tavernas located in popular tourist areas. The amount should depend on the service and quality of food you receive. 

Rounding up the bill to the closest five or ten euros, depending on the bill, is normally sufficient. Of course, you can tip more if you’ve had an outstanding experience. 

In taxis, tipping is not expected, but you could still round up the bill to the nearest euro at the end. If you encounter a driver who goes out of their way to help you with luggage and provide helpful tips about the destination, there’s no harm in giving a couple of euros. 

Hotel tipping is not expected either, but there’s nothing wrong in showing your appreciation by giving a euro or two to the luggage porter, if there is one, and €5.00 for the maid at the end of your stay. 

Souvenir Prices

A selection of design items at the Levantes store in Paleokastritsa, Corfu

As Corfu is a major tourist destination, you will find an abundance of souvenir shops in popular locations. 

You will notice that many shops sell similar-looking souvenir items such as magnets, kitchen towels, and key rings. As these are mass-produced, they tend to be relatively inexpensive. You would probably pay between €3.00 and €5.00 (US $3.30 and $5.50) for an item like that. 

Other common souvenirs include local honey and premium olive oil. The former can cost anywhere between €4.00 and €15.00 (US $4.40 and $16.40), depending on the brand. A bottle of premium olive oil from Corfu, such as Enotis or The Governor, will set you back between €27.00 and €40.00 (US $29.50 and $43.60). 

Kumquat products are another local specialty that could make for a great souvenir. These include sweets, jams, and liquors, with prices varying between €3.00 and €30.00 (US $3.30 and $33.00).

Minimum Budget to Travel Corfu

Your final budget for a trip to Corfu will depend on your travel style, the activities you choose, and the length of your stay. Obviously, your time in Corfu will be more expensive if you opt for luxury resorts and private yacht trips.

Nevertheless, as a bare minimum, I would recommend budgeting around €80.00 (US $87.00) per day per two people, which amounts to €560.00 (US $611.00) for a week. This budget would cover basic self-catering accommodation, public transportation, a combination of supermarket meals, and occasional dining in tavernas. 

However, for a more comfortable stay that includes dining out more frequently, hiring a car, participating in organised tours, and staying in higher-end accommodation, I would suggest budgeting about €150.00 (US $164.00) per day, or €1,050.00 (US $1,145.00) for a week-long trip for two. 

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide has answered your questions about whether Corfu is expensive to visit. Now that you have an idea of how much travel in this picturesque island may cost, it’s the perfect time to start planning your trip. 

Wondering what this island has to offer visitors? Check out this guide on why Corfu is an incredible destination. This article on how many days in Corfu you need will help you organise all these experiences for your itinerary.

As a bonus, getting around Corfu is relatively easy. This guide outlines the best transportation options available. Worried that driving is not an option for you? Fear not, this article explains how to navigate Corfu without a car.

If you’re trying to decide on a specific place to visit on the island, I highly recommend adding the resort village of Paleokastritsa to your itinerary. Nestled between lush green hills and the sea, it is arguably one of the most beautiful spots on the island. 

Located on the northwestern coast, just a short trip away from Corfu Town, Paleokastritsa offers a wealth of fun things to do and great eateries serving delicious Greek food. 

However, no matter which part of Corfu you decide to visit, I’m confident that you’ll have a wonderful time. 

FAQs: Is Corfu Expensive?

Is Corfu budget friendly?

Yes, Corfu is a budget-friendly destination offering affordable accommodation, transportation and dining options. It might not be as cheap for Western tourists as South East Asia or Latin America, but with the right strategies you can still have a great time without hurting your wallet.  

Is Corfu a luxury island?

Corfu does provide luxury resorts, villas, and experiences, including fine dining, spa treatments, and private yacht charters. However, the island caters to a diverse range of budgets, offering various price points for accommodations, dining, and activities. In other words, while you can indulge in the ultimate luxury getaway in Corfu, it’s equally possible to have a fantastic time without breaking the bank.

How much is a meal in Corfu?

The cost of a meal in Corfu depends on the location, style of dining, and dish choices. However, as a rule of thumb, for a meal for two, I would expect to pay between €20 – €30 (US $22 – 33) at a budget restaurant or café, €50 – €70 (US $54 – $76) at a more mid-range eatery, and €100 (US $108) or more at a high-end establishment. You can further reduce costs by having light meals at local bakeries, where two people could enjoy a pastry each and a drink for between €10 – €15 (US $11 – $16).

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