Ksenia enjoying the view over Paleokastritsa and beyond - landscapes like this is one of the many reasons why Corfu is worth visiting

Corfu in September: Everything You Need to Know in 2024 

Wondering what it’s like to visit Corfu in September? This guide contains all the information you need for your next trip. 

The article will cover the weather, crowd levels, prices, as well as the best activities in Corfu during September. It will also provide tips on what to pack, ensuring you’re prepared for any eventuality. 

Corfu, the greenest of the Greek islands, is bursting with natural beauty. Picture towering lush hills, dramatic coastal cliffs, endless olive groves, and tranquil beaches with crystal-clear waters. 

The island has experienced a turbulent history, with many cultures leaving their imprint in architecture, traditions, and food. Visitors to Corfu can easily enjoy this cultural immersion alongside a relaxing beach break. 

My husband and I visited Corfu in late September for nearly two weeks and had an absolute blast. We did experience a couple of cloudy days with some light drizzle, but we used those days for sightseeing. 

Read on to discover more about what visiting Corfu in September is like and whether this time of the year is right for you. 

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Is September a Good Time to Visit Corfu?

Personally, I believe that September is one of the best times to visit Corfu. The weather is still fantastic, with plenty of sunshine and warmth, but without the oppressive heat that you might encounter in July and August. 

Another reason why September is an ideal time to visit Corfu is that it becomes less crowded. The island has suffered from overtourism, becoming a victim of its own success. 

During the peak season in July and August, some popular beaches and tourist attractions can become absolutely packed. However, September sees a reduction in the number of tourists, allowing for a more relaxed experience even in the busier destinations on Corfu. 

Last but not least, accommodation and activity prices start to decrease in September, making a trip to Corfu more affordable. 

Weather in Corfu in September

Average Temperatures in Corfu in September

September in Corfu still offers hot days and balmy evenings. The average temperature is around 24°C (75°F), with daily highs of about 27°C (80°F) and nightly lows of approximately 18°C (64°F). 

As you can see, the temperatures are comfortably high for sunbathing and swimming, ideal for a beach holiday. It’s worth noting that evenings start to become cooler, especially towards the end of the month, offering a pleasant respite from the daytime heat. 

September is also an excellent time to visit Corfu if you’re interested in sightseeing and hiking. Although it can still be quite warm during the day, September is cooler than August and July, when daily highs can reach between 32°C and 33°C (89°F – 91°F). 

Generally, I would still recommend going on hikes and visiting historic sites early in the morning to avoid the heat and the crowds. 

Rainfall in Corfu in September

Corfu is the greenest of the Greek islands, and its lush vegetation is a result of significant rainfall, most of which occurs during winter. 

The average rainfall in September is around 40mm, marking an increase from the previous months. In practical terms, this translates to between five and eight cloudy and rainy days a month, most likely towards the end of the month. 

We visited Corfu for nearly two weeks in late September and experienced two or three cloudy days with some light rain. This wasn’t a problem for us, as we used those cloudier and cooler days for hiking.  

However, if your main priority is a beach holiday with consistent daily sunshine, I would recommend visiting Corfu in July and August, or possibly choosing another Greek island for a September trip. 

Swimming in September

The average water temperature in September in Corfu is 25°C (77°F), which is comfortable for swimming in the sea. Interestingly, I’ve found that some areas of Corfu have significantly cooler water than others. 

For example, we found the waters around Paleokastritsa in the nowrthwest of the island to be quite cool. They did not warm up considerably, even later in the afternoon after long hours of sunshine. 

However, this was not the case in other parts of the island. When we visited the nearby beach of Agios Georgios, we felt that the water was warmer. So, be prepared for some variation and try a few beaches to find your perfect spot. 

Regarding swimming pools, they are also entirely suitable for swimming. Heated pools are relatively rare, so expect the water to be cool in the morning and to warm up during the day. 

Is Corfu Crowded in September?

Corfu’s natural beauty and wealth of beaches have been attracting tourists for decades now, to the point where some parts of the island have experienced overdevelopment and large crowds. 

During the peak season of July and August, some beaches and attractions can become extremely busy. You might not enjoy your time in Corfu as much if you are staying in popular coastal locations. 

That’s why one of the best aspects of visiting Corfu in September is that the crowds start to subside, thanks to the end of the school holidays. It can still be quite busy, especially in areas visited by cruise day-trippers, such as Corfu Town and Paleokastritsa, but it’s not as busy as in the previous month. 

You will find that many resort towns are becoming quieter, and it’s much easier to find a spot on the beach or book a tour you like. Getting a table at popular restaurants also becomes a breeze. 

Even in the ever-popular Paleokastritsa, which I’ve mentioned before, the cruise groups arrive late in the morning and leave by about 5 pm. You will find that mornings and evenings are delightfully peaceful. 

Prices in Corfu in September

Another great advantage of visiting Corfu in September is that prices for accommodation and activities start to decrease. 

It’s worth noting that October typically sees the most significant drops in accommodation prices. This is because it marks the very end of the tourist season, when the weather becomes more unpredictable. 

However, the savings on hotel rooms in September are still substantial. Compared to August, the height of the peak season, accommodation rates in September can be up to 20% lower. 

Some local tour companies may also offer discounted rates in September. For instance, hiring a boat for a day is a popular activity in Corfu, and you can enjoy it for a slightly reduced price if you visit then. 

In September, the cost ranges from €90 (US $95) for a half-day and €170 (US $180) for a full day. During the peak season, these costs rise to €100 (US $105) for half a day and €200 (US $210) for a full day. 

If you would like to know more about budgeting for your trip, check out this guide to prices in Corfu

Top Things to Do in Corfu in September

As I’ve mentioned before, the weather in Corfu at this time of year allows for a combination of different activities, perfect for a trip that blends relaxation, culture, and adventure. 

Here are my favourite things to do in Corfu in September. For more about what this island offers, check out this article on why Corfu is worth visiting

Relax at the Beach

Agios Spiridon Beach in Paleokastritsa. The island's beaches is the primary reason why people believe Corfu is worth visiting.
Agios Spiridon Beach in Paleokastritsa, Corfu

Corfu is a popular sea and sun destination, and rightly so. There are dozens of beautiful beaches at your disposal. 

These beaches vary in size and style, from long stretches of sand lined with beach bars and tavernas to hidden pebbly coves with hardly anyone around. My personal favourites include the scenic Agios Spiridon in Paleokastritsa and the tranquil Agios Georgios on the northwestern coast. 

However, there are many more to explore. The hot afternoons in September provide plenty of beach time. 

Visit Historic Sites

Dramatic ruins of Angelokastro
Dramatic ruins of Angelokastro

Corfu’s strategic position at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea has resulted in a turbulent history with frequent changes in control. The Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, Venetians, French, and others have left their mark on the island. 

Visitors can explore the island’s rich history by visiting its many sites. One of my favourite places is Corfu Old Town. The city is home to famous sites like the Old and New Fortresses, as well as a selection of fine museums. The city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, celebrated for its charming Venetian architecture. 

I also recommend visiting Angelokastro, the ruins of an ancient Byzantine fortress on the northwestern coast of Corfu. Perched on a steep hill, it offers expansive views over the surrounding area, making the journey to the top well worth it. 

Walking and Hiking

September weather is ideal for walking and hiking. I personally believe that Corfu’s natural beauty is best experienced on foot. The island offers beautiful trails of varying difficulty levels. 

Corfu is also home to the epic Corfu Trail, a 220-kilometre route from south to north, showcasing the island’s beautiful and untouched interiors, including many traditional villages. 

It typically takes 10 days to complete the trail, but if you prefer shorter hikes, you can tackle different sections that interest you most. 

Boat Adventures

Corfu’s stunning coastline is best enjoyed by boat, allowing you to appreciate its rugged beauty and discover unique caves and secret beaches. 

September is a great time for boat adventures, as it’s still warm, the sea is generally calm, and boat hire is slightly cheaper than during peak season. 

You can explore the coastline by hiring your own boat for a few hours or a full day, available in most coastal towns without needing a license for speedboats up to 30hp. 

Alternatively, join one of the many guided boat tours available. These tours vary in boat standard, duration, and content, catering to different preferences and budgets, whether you wish to visit remote beaches or enjoy a relaxed sunset cruise. 

What to Pack for Corfu in September

Your final packing list will depend on the activities that you would like to enjoy. However, here are some suggestions to help your travel planning: 

  • Beach gear including swimwear and beach towels 
  • Snorkelling gear (although this can be easily bought locally as well) 
  • Sunscreen to protect your skin 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Mosquito repellent 
  • Water shoes as many beaches in Corfu are pebbly 
  • Light jacket or jumper for cooler evenings 
  • Hiking shoes or sturdy trainers 
  • Rain jacket – although September is still mostly sunny, it’s good to have one just in case 

Where to Stay in Corfu

Corfu is home to many resort towns, traditional mountains villages and a charming capital city, where there is something for everyone when it comes to accommodation options.  

Here are my personal favourite locations in Corfu. You can even combine them during one trip and explore many others. 

Corfu Town

Ksenia is standing in front of the Old Fortress in the Old Town of Corfu
The Old Fortress in Corfu Town

Corfu’s capital, also known as Kerkyra, exudes charm and character and is home to some of the island’s most famous historic sites, excellent museums, and winding streets lined with elegant buildings in the Venetian style. Today, these buildings house shops, restaurants, bars, and patisseries. 

Although it is very much a part of the tourist trail, I believe it’s well worth a visit as the historic city centre still retains its unique charm and special atmosphere. Despite the proliferation of typical souvenir shops, you can still find artisanal makers and traditional delis offering truly unique products. 

Even if you don’t fancy staying in the city during your trip, it’s worth including a day trip to Corfu Town to enjoy what the city offers.


Bird's eye view over Paleokastritsa
Bird’s eye view of Paleokastritsa

Located on the northwestern coast, just a 30-minute drive from Corfu Town, Paleokastritsa is arguably one of the most beautiful coastal villages on the island. Its scenic beaches, hugged by dramatic cliffs and surrounded by towering green hills and olive groves, make it an extremely popular place to visit. 

Thankfully, in September, the crowds begin to subside, allowing for tranquil mornings and evenings at the beach. Paleokastritsa also boasts a historic monastery, hiking trails, and a variety of boat tours and water sports. 

Find out more about this beautiful spot in this guide to the best things to do in Paleokastritsa

Agios Georgios North

Just a short drive north from Paleokastritsa lies the tranquil coastal resort town of Agios Georgios. One of its main highlights is the long sandy beach, awarded Blue Flag status for its crystal-clear waters. 

Agios Georgios is the perfect choice if you’re seeking a quiet, relaxing holiday. Rampant development hasn’t quite reached this town, where you will mostly find locally-run small hotels and self-catering accommodation. 

There isn’t much in terms of nightlife, and getting to other places without hiring a car can be challenging, so Agios Georgios might not be the ideal choice for everyone. 

If you are looking to stay at a villa, take a look to this guide to the best villas in Corfu with private pools for some extra luxury.  

Final Thoughts

As you can see, September is an excellent time to visit Corfu. The island still enjoys superb weather suitable for sunbathing and swimming, as well as more active pursuits like hiking. 

You may encounter some cloudy days, but with so many things to do, this shouldn’t really pose a significant issue. 

To top it off, September brings lower prices and fewer crowds, making for a calmer and more affordable trip. 

I’m confident that if you choose to visit Corfu in September, you will have a wonderful time on this beautiful island. It is diverse, safe to visit, easy to get around and packed with activities for every taste.

Wondering how many days to spend in Corfu? These itinerary ideas will help you decide the best trip duration for your goals. This guide to the best Corfu day trips will help you flesh out your itinerary even further.

FAQs: Corfu in September

Is September a good month for Corfu?

Yes, September is indeed one of the best months to visit Corfu. The temperatures remain high, and there’s plenty of sunshine. Summer crowds begin to subside, and accommodation prices gradually decrease. In September, you can enjoy time at the beach, as well as hiking and sightseeing. 

Can you sunbathe in Corfu in September?

Yes, Corfu continues to enjoy plenty of sunshine and high temperatures in September, so you can still achieve a nice tan. Do expect a few cloudy days and possibly some light rain, but the majority of days in September are likely to be sunny. 

Can you swim in Corfu in September? 

Yes, the average water temperature in Corfu is around 25°C (77°F), making swimming perfectly enjoyable. It’s worth noting that water temperatures can vary slightly in different parts of Corfu. For instance, the water in Paleokastritsa tends to feel colder than in other resort areas. 

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