Hot Chocolates from Albert's Schloss in Manchester city centre. The hot chocolates are topped with whipped cream, chocolate powder and marshmallows.

The 7 Best Places to Get a Hot Chocolate in Manchester

If you’re wondering where to get the best hot chocolate in Manchester, look no further than this round up. 

Manchester has no shortage of great cafes and coffee shops that will delight coffee aficionados from the world over. However, as someone who has never been a particular fan of coffee, I much prefer hot chocolate when I go out. 

After more than four years of living in Manchester I have discovered many great places to enjoy this indulgent treat. From independent cafes to artisan chocolatiers to trendy restaurants, there is something for every chocolate lover in this city. 

Without further ado, here are the places serving up the best hot chocolate in Manchester that you must add to your list. 

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The 7 Best Places to Get a Hot Chocolate in Manchester


68 Cross St, Manchester M2 4JQ

The interiors of Knoops - the purveyor of one of the best hot chocolate in Manchester

Located right in the heart of Manchester city centre, Knoops is the ultimate chocolate lover’s destination. This store boasts an extensive selection of specialty chocolate drinks including hot chocolates, chocolate milkshakes and iced chocolate. 

Choose from 20 distinct chocolates to craft your ideal drink. Their range, based on cocoa percentage, is designed to please every palate. Whether you have a soft spot for sweet white or milk chocolate or a penchant for intense dark chocolate, Knoops has got you covered. 

My personal favourite is the 66% single origin chocolate from Mexico. It features beautiful spicy undertones that delight the taste buds, striking the perfect balance between sweet and bitter. 

Once you select your chocolate base, you can elevate your drink further with different toppings including marshmallows, whipped cream and a variety of herbs and spices. Both dairy and plant-based milk options are available. 

Knoops also offers delicious pastries if you want something a bit more substantial than just a drink.  There are also seasonal specials such as the decadent soft serve ice cream topped up with chocolate and other toppings in the summer. 

Though Knoops has seating, it tends to fill up, especially on weekends. But not to worry—you can always grab a takeaway or even pick up ingredients to whip up your own hot chocolate at home. 

The Cocoa Tree

492 Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton 

Delicious house blend hot chocolate at Cocoa Tree in Chorlton

he Cocoa Tree is a small independent chocolatier offering beautiful artisan chocolates. Each heavenly creation is lovingly hand-crafted and hand decorated. 

This family-run business prides itself on using only sustainably sourced cocoa. This ensures that the communities growing it can thrive and that farming is done responsibly. 

Although you can check the Cocoa Tree’s chocolate range on their website, I highly recommend visiting their chocolate café in Manchester’s trendy suburb of Chorlton. 

This visit will give you the opportunity to not only check out their latest sweet creations but also indulge in their delicious hot chocolate. Even if you’re not near south Manchester, Cocoa Tree is worth the trip. 

Their drinking chocolate comes in three types: house blend, dark, or white. You can customise your experience with extras including marshmallows, cream, and a selection of flavourings. 

I particularly enjoy Cocoa Tree’s classic house blend chocolate. This rich and heartwarming drink strikes the perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess. I don’t feel it even needs any toppings, but who am I to stop you? 

If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, the Cocoa Tree café also offers a small menu of savoury foods, including a range of toasties and bagels. For the ultimate sweet indulgence, try one of their homemade brownies. They come in various flavours and are completely irresistible. 


197 Bury New Rd, Whitefield, M45 6GE

Dark and Swiss milk hot chocolates at Slattery

No article on the best hot chocolate in Manchester would be complete without mentioning Slattery. Located in North Manchester, this award-winning, family-run pâtissier and chocolatier has been delighting Mancunians with delicious treats since 1967. 

Slattery occupies three floors of an elegant Victorian building and features a large shop and cake showroom on the ground floor, the Masons Dining Room, and the bakery where all the magic happens. Among the many goodies that Slattery offers are cakes, gateaux, handmade chocolates, and pastries, amongst many others. 

I highly recommend their rich and creamy hot chocolates, which you can enjoy at the Masons Dining Room on the first floor. You can choose from Swiss milk, Alpine white, and dark chocolate for your base and add marshmallows, chocolate-dipped strawberries, or fresh cream. You can even add all three at once if you’re so inclined. 

Aside from the hot chocolates, you can also enjoy a selection of savoury dishes including soups and sandwiches, breakfast favourites such as eggs benedict and crumpets, and indulgent desserts like ice cream sundaes, Belgian waffles, and cakes. To top this off, Slattery has its own afternoon tea showcasing their artisan goodies. 

Slattery is sure to delight those with a sweet tooth. However, to avoid disappointment, be sure to book your table in advance. We didn’t do it the first time we went there and ended up having to wait for a table for about 50 minutes, which is not always ideal. 

You can book a table directly on the Slattery website

Cocoa Cabana

7 Murray St, Ancoats & 168 Burton Rd, West Didsbury

Hot chocolates and a cake from Cocoa Cabana Didsbury

Cocoa Cabana is a dessert haven with outposts in Ancoats and West Didsbury that has become popular foodie destinations for Mancunians.  

As an award-winning chocolatier, Cocoa Cabana is the place to go for sumptuous artisan cakes, handcrafted chocolates and, of course, delicious hot chocolates.   

There are a few hot chocolate options on the menu to suit all tastes. Enjoy an indulgent Cocoa Cabana special blend or opt for a complex and spicy Aztec water-based chocolate. Add marshmallows or whipped cream to create your perfect hot drink. 

I can also recommend Cocoa Cabana’s afternoon tea featuring savoury bites and a selection of delectable sweet treats. The highlight of this foodie experience is the unlimited hot chocolate that you can enjoy alongside the food.  

It’s a great way to taste all the flavours. However, be warned – you may have a chocolate overdose at the end. This is from personal experience.  

Cocoa Cabana also offers an excellent brunch menu that features sweet and savoury dishes including French toast, chicken waffles and avo on toast. If hot chocolate just doesn’t cut it as a drink of choice, there is a creative cocktail menu to explore. 

Personally, I prefer the Ancoats location out of the two, but the menu is the same in both places. So, no matter which one you choose, you will get to enjoy some of the best sweet treats and hot chocolate in Manchester. 

Sugar Junction

60 Tib St, Northern Quarter M4 1LG

Sugar Junction hot chocolates served in beautiful China cups with a floral motif

Although Sugar Junction is not a specialist chocolatier, this Northern Quarter favourite is the place to go for delicious hot drinks, including a great selection of loose tea varieties, moreish baked goodies, and excellent brunch options. 

Sugar Junction is worth a trip for the interiors alone. The space boasts a cosy vintage feel, created with antique furniture, retro posters, and vintage lights. My favourite part is the beautiful China sets that the drinks are served in. 

Their hot chocolate is the perfect sweet pick-me-up. It beautifully blends cocoa, milk, and sugar and is available as both regular and white hot chocolates. The Sugar Junction hot chocolate is more on the milky, sweet side, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need. 

You can take your hot chocolate to the next level by adding cream and marshmallows. Personally, I’m more than happy without these additions, as it would be too much for me, but they do make the chocolate look even prettier in its floral China cup. 

Alongside the hot chocolate, I also recommend trying Sugar Junction’s delicious cake creations. The flavours change regularly, and the portions are generous. For the ultimate Sugar Junction experience, be sure to try their legendary afternoon tea that showcases their baked goodies. 

Black Milk

88 Oldham St, Northern Quarter M4 1LF

The indulgent Black Milk hot chocolate in Manchester's Northern Quarter

Black Milk is another trendy Northern Quarter spot that is all about dessert. Its menu features indulgent ice cream sundaes, pancake stacks topped with sweet toppings and delicious bakes. The drinks menu includes teas, coffees, wine, beer and a small selection of cocktails. 

Alongside its scrumptious dessert selection, Black Milk also serves up heartwarming hot chocolates. Those with a sweet tooth are sure to enjoy the classic hot chocolate topped with the perfect swirl of whipped cream.  

If you want to go all out, try Black Milk’s signature freak shake. It is a classic hot chocolate crowned with a bake of your choice. Is this sugary combo crazy or genius? It’s up to you to decide.  

What I like about Black Milk is that it is open until 10pm on weekdays, 11pm on Friday and Saturday and 9pm on Sunday. It is an ideal place for dessert if you are having dinner in the Northern Quarter or Ancoats. Both neighbourhoods are foodie havens that are home to some of the beast restaurants in Manchester. 

Or maybe you can skip dinner and go straight for dessert. Live a little, right?

Albert’s Schloss

27 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR

Hot Chocolates from Albert's Schloss in Manchester city centre. The hot chocolates are topped with whipped cream, chocolate powder and marshmallows.

Located in Manchester city centre, Albert’s Schloss is the go-to place for a little bit of Alpine magic, whatever the time of year. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and at nighttime, the eatery hosts live music and cabaret performances. 

Although Albert’s Schloss is known for its classic European dishes, such as schnitzel, fondue, and schweinshaxe, it also serves up an indulgent hot chocolate. Topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, it will transport you straight to the wintry Alps. 

If you’d like to recreate the après-ski experience, go for the boozy hot chocolate version. These are normally available in the winter months and change each year. 

Last time I went, they served a hot chocolate with vodka and salted caramel schnapps, topped with a caramel drizzle. How’s that for the ultimate winter cocktail? 

Speaking of winter, I do think that Albert’s Schloss really comes into its own before Christmas. The place really goes all out with beautiful decorations and seasonal specials. It’s a great spot for catching up with friends or colleagues before the holidays. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, these are the purveyors of the best hot chocolate in Manchester. The hardest thing is to choose which places you’re going to next.  

Heading to Manchester for a weekend and wondering what else there is to do apart from enjoying delicious hot chocolate? Check out this itinerary to start planning your trip. 

If you are a foodie, I also recommend taking a look at this guide to the best restaurants in Ancoats. Manchester has undergone a true dining revolution in recent years, and Ancoats boasts a selection of excellent eateries that have been leading the way in this positive change in the city.  

Last but not least, why not make your next trip to Manchester even more indulgent by staying in a hotel with a swimming pool? The city boasts a few great options to choose from. 

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